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Homework Help: Wave function

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    the wave function descrbing a state of an electron confined to move along the xaxis is given at time zero by:

    [tex]\Psi(x,0)=Ae^{\frac{-x^2}{4 \sigma^2}}[/tex]

    where sigma is a constant (i believe).

    I am asked to find the probability of finding the electron in a degion dx centered at x=0.

    I really dont know where to being since the wave function isnt in complex form so I cant multiply it by its complex conjugate. what should I do?
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    [tex] P(x)= \Psi ^* \Psi [/tex] whether the wavefunction is complex or not. So [tex] P(0) = A^2e^{\frac{-x^2}{2 \sigma^2}}|_{x=0} = A^2 [/tex].


    PS In case this is the issue, if a is a real number [tex] a^* = a[/tex].
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    you mean [tex] P(0,0) [/tex] right? cause it is with respect to time too, but time is always t=0 in this problem
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