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Homework Help: Wave function

  1. Nov 4, 2006 #1
    what would a wave function of

    phi(x) = Ke^(-a|x|)

    look like?

    would it be like an exponential graph with a graph reflected along the y axis?

    and its probability distrubution (phi)^2?
    i have no idea...i can't seem to find it by googling.
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    Yes. Try plotting a few values

    [tex] |\Psi (x)|^2 [/tex] is the probability density.

    The probability of measuring a position in the interval [a, b] is the integral of [tex] |\Psi (x)|^2 [/tex] evaluted between a and b, make sure to normalise the wavefunction first.
    nb: This is 1-particle in 1-dimension, which is what I suspect you want.
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