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Homework Help: Wave functions

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    hello im just starting some revition for my exams and havr come across this wave funchion and i dont no how to normerlise it i realy need some help with this.

    it is the wave function symbol (x) = -Ae^(σx^2/x^2)

    what i need to know is how to intergrate it to find a value for A to see if the function can be normerlised

    p.s im dyslikeix and this thing dosen't have a spell check if u need any info plz ask and ill do my best


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    Are you saying that the wave function you need to normalize is:

    [tex] \psi (x) = -A e^{\frac{\sigma x^2}{x^2}}[/tex]

    If so, then it shouldn't be that hard to normalize, since the x^2's in the exponent cancel, leaving just a constant function. Are you sure this is the function, or is there a typo in your above post?
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    sorry its A(e^(sigma)x^2)/x^2 that was a typo is that better ?
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