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Homework Help: Wave length detection!

  1. Sep 13, 2005 #1
    hi guys, in our physic class today we were trying to get a more accurate length than the one stated on the device ([tex]2.8 cm[/tex]).

    We used a microwave reciever and a device that would detect maxima and minima (there was a aluminiun plate at the back which would reflect some wave.)

    We foun the distance to be [tex]18.5=n\lambda[/tex] and we know that the wavelength is very close to [tex]2.8cm[/tex]

    what I did is [tex]n=\frac{18.5}{2.8}[/tex] which gave an answer of about [tex]6.61[/tex].

    Now the thing is Maxima accours with Constructive waves so would mean that I have to round it off to [tex]7[/tex] right?

    My teacher said that we have to make it as [tex]6.5[/tex]

    which should I use? my guts and my brain or my teachers brains?

    just for the record this measurement will be used for a written report!

    Many thanks
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