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Homework Help: Wave Motion Problem

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    I am having difficulty grasping what to do for this problem:

    Two point sources located (0, +/- 2.5(lambda)) are generating waves in phase. Compute the distance from the x-axis to the first nodal line at

    I'm not sure what equations to use. My physics instructor is terrible and we don't even use a text book......instead we have to read his "readings". I don't really grasp wave motion very well..............if u have a link to a wesite that can help be out that would be great.

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    The distance "Y" off the x-axis at the point x=(L) where the first nodal line (i.e., the first minimum) occurs is given by:
    Y = L*(1/2)*λ/d
    where "λ" is the wavelength, and "d" the distance between the 2 sources. Using {L = 50λ} and {d = 2*(2.5λ) = 5λ}, we get:
    Y = (50λ)*(1/2)*(λ)/(5λ) = (5λ)

    For more information regarding this subject, try the following web site:
    http://www.glenbrook.k12.il.us/gbssci/phys/Class/light/u12l3c.html [Broken]

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    excellent..............thank you!
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