Wave nature of electrons

  1. Light consist of photons but also has a wave nature which consists of electric and magnetic waves right?
    So when another particle moves, say electron it also shows wave nature according do debroglie. Will it also have electric and magnetic fields?

    Or is it just this special photon which has its wave nature as electric and magnetic waves?
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  3. Electric and magnetic fields are properties of states with an infinite number of photons, not just one or two photons.

    Dirac field is a peoperty of a state of an infinite number of electrons (and positrons). Well, there is a first quantized Dirac field too. For photons there is first quantized photon wave function. But it can hardly be interpreted as an electromagnetic field.
  4. Light consist of photons and that collection of photons sometimes behave as a EM wave.

    Electron is a particle not a wave. The term wave is often misused regarding some old/naive presentations of QM.

    The electron does not have «electric and magnetic fields»
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