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Wave-Partical Duality

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    Hello All,

    I hope that this question has not yet been asked.
    I'm interested if the double-slit experiment has been conducted with more than one observer.
    I mean one (or more) "light-measuring devices" that have been set on every slit for the sake of verifying if the results come out differently.
    It would be very helpful if you could provide any links or literature where I can clarify this issue.

    Thanks a lot
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    If you observe which slit it goes through the interference pattern disappears - that's the case whether you observe just one slit or both.

    I don't know if the experiment has been done, but what will happen is very well known.

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    The thing to remember about the double-slit experiment is that the act of observing the photons or electrons involved requires that you interact with them - which destroys any interference patter you might have had, and leads to particle-like behavior.

    I have a good description of the double-slit experiment here: http://keirionparadigms.com/HThesis/HThesisDoubleSlit.html
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