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Wave-particle duality

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    Has anyone read http://www.hotquanta.com/wpd.html" [Broken]. do any of you think he is on to something>
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    I had a quick read of it. It's very badly presented and there are even unfinished sentences. I didn't find it plausible, and I'm amazed that at no time does he give an equation for the interference patterns, not even the classical wave example.

    But, the fact that one can get 'interference' patterns by letting some billiard-ball type objects interact with the slits in a certain way, is not a refutation of standard QM, nor a simplification.

    He tries to extend his model to other phenomena, but there aren't any equations, just words.

    I don't think he's a crackpot, he just doesn't seem to have studied QM/QFT very deeply.
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    WIthout bothering to read poorly written drivel, can you explain how one can get interference in billiard-ball type objects? I've never heard of that.

    Of course even if one could explain the interference pattern, one could never explain entanglement.
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    Peter0302, I've edited my post. There isn't wave interference, just the banded pattern. I don't think it's worth further consideration.
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