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Wave-Particle Duality

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    I was just wondering about, after I had read about this topic. Which consequences did it have on physics that we can consider light as waves in some experiments and as particles (photons, quanta) in other experiments.

    And maybe even if all matter can have the same properties as light?
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    Matter does indeed have wave properties like light. De Broglie put this forth around 1924 and received a Nobel for it. So the consequences for physics was that basic Quantum Theory depends on this. I see the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as perhaps the most important expression of complementarity and wave/particle duality.
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    So matter actually have a wave length like De Broglie formulated it in his equation? So what does this change in physics? Did we have to rewrite any models, extent them? Or did we find new properties for particle that we can use to explain new physics?
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