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Homework Help: Wave-particle duality

  1. Apr 4, 2005 #1
    This is one of the options I've found for IB extended essay topic.
    I would like to investigate and confirm the wave-particle duality of light.

    As an experiment to prove the wave nature I will shine a laser beam through a narrow slit, and use Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, [itex]\Delta p \Delta x \geq \hbar[/itex]

    I will change the size of the slit, delta X, and measure the size of the smear when projected at lenght L, according to
    [tex]X_L = \frac{\frac{\hbar}{\Delta x}}{\frac{h}{\lambda}}L[/tex]

    To prove the wave nature of light, I'm thinking of doing Young's double-slit experiment, but I have some trouble finding out what to look for. I need an independent and a dependent variable, any suggestions?
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    My ohysics teacher told me that I couldn't do two separate experiments to prove wave-particle duality, it had to be one single experiment.

    So I guess never mind about the above question :frown:
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