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Wave particle duality

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    Do all masses show wave particle duality at near about speed of light?
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    All objects show wave particle duality regardless of speed or mass. Not that I like the term wave applied to quantum particles - its not a wave but sometimes has wavelike behavior.

    Added Later:
    Vanhees71 is correct. Its an outdated concept. But unfortunately we are stuck with it. But quantum particles sometime do show WAVELIKE behavior - but are not waves - nor is there any actual duality which implies some kind of dual nature (ie both a particle and wave) - which isn't true either.

    Also see the FAQ;
    'So there is no duality – at least not within quantum mechanics. We still use the “duality” description of light when we try to describe light to laymen because wave and particle are behavior most people are familiar with. However, it doesn’t mean that in physics, or in the working of physicists, such a duality has any significance.'

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    Nothing shows wave-particle duality, which is an outdated idea made obsolete by modern quantum theory, developed in 1925/26. See the thread on the same issue here:

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    Mentor's note: if there is further discussion, it can proceed in the thread linked above.
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