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Wave Pendulum Emulator

  1. Mar 29, 2013 #1
    I've been looking at some Wave Pendulums on YouTube, and thought it'd be fun to emulate one using HTML5. I got some pretty interesting results, but am looking for suggestions for improvements.

    Have a look at it here...

    A lot of wave pendulums are set up such that the lengths of the strings produce linear (monotonic) periods. For example a common one with 15 pool balls has them set so that the first ball cycles 60 times per minute, the next one 61, then 62, ... and the last 74 times per minute. This creates a nice repeating pattern, because once a minute everything goes back into sync.

    I've set some other possible relative values for the period based on making the frequencies linear, and making the periods follow a geometric sequence.

    Are there other sets of values that would give results of interest?

    Thanks for your thoughts on that and any other suggested improvements.
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