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Homework Help: Wave Questions

  1. Feb 27, 2008 #1
    Just a couple of Questions:
    for the wave function y(x,t) = A / (x-vt)^2+b ------> What is the importance of 'b' and what is its meaning?

    A Uniform Circular Hoop of string of mass m and radius r is rotating in the absence of gravity. Its tangential speed is Vo. Its length is deltax=r*delta(pheta)

    Find the Tension in the Spring
    Linear Density= u
    Length = x
    Mass = u * delta x
    ac=centripetal acceleration
    (u*deltax)ac=2Ft + sin1/2(pheta)
    (u*r*delta(pheta))Vo^2/r=2Ft1/2(pheta) ---> Assuming small angle for Sin
    uVo^2= Ft

    Find the speed of a wave traveling on the string
    Do i have to find the 2nd derivative of ASin(kx-wt) for the velocity?

    Another Question
    Two strings of Linear Density u1 and u2 are tied together at x=0 and stretched along the x axis with a tension F. A wave given by y(x,t)=Asink1(x-v1t) travels in the string of linear density u1. When it meets the knot it is both reflected, giving a wave Csink1(x+v1t) and transmitted giving a wave Bsink2(x-V2t)

    What is the Physical Interpretation of the assumption that k1v1=k2v2
    Just need some help to start this question

    What is the Physical interpretation of the assumption that the strings have the same slope at the knot

    if the length and frequency of the knot is held constant and the tension varies, both strings will have the same slope ????? ---> im not to sure about this

    Help on any of these questions will be much appreciated thank yiou
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