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Wave shaped bands

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    I've made some observations on cloud formations and other wave-shaped stripes. I'm trying to form a connection between these phenomenon.

    These stripes are very visible in the form of clouds (altocumulus undulatus). Similar looking stripes occur in tea foam when the cup is rocked lightly. Could there be a connection between the clouds and tea? Both examples involve two separate movable phases with limited solubility. The coffee grounds are entirely insoluble but can move around within the water.

    Does anyone at PF know of a name describing these phenomenon or modeling done on them? I'm still looking for a picture of ridges in sand near beaches.

    http://australiasevereweather.com/photography/acundu01.htm [Broken]
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    Tea wave-stripes

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    coffee grounds inside dishpan

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    fish stripes

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    I think I was told as a child that these were "mackerel sky". Some old folklore.
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    Could there be a connection between the tea and clouds. Yes, the same forces of nature is acting on vapor deposited on particles, whether it be particles in your tea or dust particles in the sky.

    I would give up on the fish strips, this is due to genetics. I mean humans have a face and there is a face on the moon, but these are unrelated. Right?

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    The connection is not exclusively between vapor particles, but between any two types of particles. The requirements are:

    1. Different densities
    2. Wave motion moving them
    3. particles can move and mix

    Have you seen the coffee grounds image? It's something I noticed while washing dishes. You might try the experiement next time you're cleaning up after dinner. The same thing seems to be happening on the sands of a beach beneath 3-4 inches of water.

    Do you see any other possible connections?

    Yes, there is a "face" on the moon, hehehe :)... I'm thinking that this might be a mechanism of producing those stripes. A pigmentation hormone could be produced through the organism's entire body, and then pushed into these wave shapes by this phenomenon. Or, I could just be overanalyzing... :)

    Thank you, selfAdjoint for the phrase "mackerel sky." Now I have more to search for...
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    I would suspect that the makerel strippes are due to a epistasic genes. One allele produce one color another produces another, but it takes a 2nd gene that will "turn on" or Turn off" the color gene, if off it will be white when on it can be one of the various colors.

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