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Wave speed

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    I have got a trouble with wave concept

    suppose wave is passing through a medium ( let it ,just started)

    suppose there are four points in the medium (particles)

    as soon as A is disturbed even by an infinitesimally small distance , B experiences a forces (forces act instantaneously ) . time taken =0;
    same happens from B to C
    then C to D

    time in each case is 0
    so net time is 0;

    but wave takes some time to reach D, I cant understand why that time gap is coming .as every thing is happening instantly.
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    Why are you assuming the force from one particle is instantaneously felt by the next?

    The fact is that the force is not instantaneously felt by the second particle.
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    if i remember correctly, force is limited at the same speed as light
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    that means every wave should have a speed of light
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