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Wave Train Problem

  1. Aug 30, 2009 #1
    I'm having a research topic regarding wave train problem, i read from the book stating that phase-shift could probably cause the 'wave train' problem.

    However, from my perception is that, the reference frame is only at that particular instant;

    For say I1, I2 both represent incident light wave at a medium;
    the corresponding R1, R2 both represent refracted light wave after 't-1' & 't+1' time of penetration at different position but same direction,

    So, here wave-train problem occurs.
    Thus, interference couldn't be taken account on both refracted wave.

    But i have a doubt in this,
    if it happens continuously,
    assume I1, I2 for R1, R2 in (t-1),
    and again i1, i2 for r1, r2 in (t+1).

    so could it not be possible that r1 interfere with R2 ? (the latter wave of the previous wave interfere each other, in the case of continuous condition? )

    Thanks in advance,
    Have a nice day. =)
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