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Wave velocity

  1. Apr 29, 2006 #1
    Anyone know how to calculate the wave velocity if you know the frecuency, but not the wavelength? We were also given the amplitude.
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    Doc Al

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    Wave velocity of what? The wave equation is [tex]v = f \lambda[/tex], so unless you have other information you won't be able to find the speed. (Amplitude won't help.) What's the exact problem?
  4. Apr 29, 2006 #3
    A transverse wave, with amplitude 13 cm, and frecuency of 5.00 Hz...No wavelength mentioned.
    a) Find the velocity of the wave.
    b)Find the total distance traveled by a particle on the wave after 3 seconds.

    How come the wavelength isn't the period of the function, or the reciporacal of the frecuency?
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    Doc Al

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    Of what? A wave on a stretched string?
    I don't see enough info to answer part a, but b seems doable.

    Wavelength is a length, period is a time. How can they be the same? (They are related by wave speed, given by the wave equation.) Period is the reciprical of frequency.
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    Be more careful in your reading of the problem ...
    they're probably trying to ask about (or tell you about)
    the maximum speed or acceleration of a PIECE of the STRING.
    Do they tell you that the string is in resonance? mass density?
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