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Wavefn symmetry requirement

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    Both Rho^0 and Pi^0 are bosons so require an overall symmetric wavefn. However, they are in different spin states: the Pi is in the anti-symmetric S=0 state and the Rho is in one of the symmetric S=1 states.

    Which other part of the overall wavefn (color, flavor, spatial) differs between the two such that their wavefn's have the required symmetry? As far as I know they should be identical in all other respects!
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    The wave function of a state with *several* identical bosons must be symmetric under exchanging those bosons. It sounds like you are mixing up this multi-boson wave function with the wave function of the quark and antiquark inside a single meson.
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    I was mixing it up yes! So but taking the overall wavefn of the quarks then. As fermions they must be anti-symmetric overall. If the spins are different for the two mesons, then what else is also different?
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    Actually i think i know what the answer is. Since the quarks inside the mesons are distinguishable (antiquark and quark) then their combination doesn't have a symmetry requirement.
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