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Wavelength from collision

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    Hey all,

    A physics example I'm working on to do some studying. The example is as follows:

    What is the wavelength of the scattered photon when a free electron (initially stationary) acquires maximum energy in a collision with a photon of energy 4 x 10^3 eV?

    My problem is this: it seems anything I do only deals with the photon of energy 4 x 10^3 eV. i.e. I can find the frequency using the relation E=hf and then lambda using lambda = c/f, but none of that relates to " lambda prime". Help?

    Thanks in advance.
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    to add... I have a feeling that the electron acquires "maximum energy" means something, that I am not picking up...
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    This looks like a Compton scattering problem. Hint: In a collision that delivers the maximum possible KE to the electron, in what direction would you expect the photon to emerge (and which direction does the electron recoil)?
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    got it, thanks!
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