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Homework Help: Wavelength modulation/Prism

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    I'm writting a paper on link aggregation (computer networks) and I've decided to write a little bit on Wavelength modulation, which is the process of directing the light from a fibre optic connection through a prism , down the cable, and then back again through another prism to increase the bandwidth between 2 switches. (sorry if you already know and I'm describing it all wrong!!)

    Switch 1--fibre optic interface--prism--cable--prism--fibre optic interface--switch 2

    I'm having trouble finding any information on this topic, such as by how much the bandwidth can increase if this was introduced on a 1GB/s connection.

    can anyone help me with this matter please?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    sorry I just joined quickly and posted, i think this might need to be moved to the Homework Help Forum. :S
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    Can you post a link to some basic info about this technique? I'm not familiar with it...
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