Wavelength of electromagnetic radiation

  1. Calculate the longest wavelength of electromagnetic radiation that could ionize an atom of each of the following elements:

    a) Li; IE1=520.1 kJ/mol

    can some one tell me the steps to do this problem.

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  3. [tex]E=hv[/tex]



    E = energy (IN JOULES, not kJ!!)
    h = 6.626 * 10^-34 J*s
    v = frequency (s^-1)
    c = 3.00 * 10^8 m/s (speed of light)
    [tex]\lambda[/tex] = wavelength
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  4. thanks,

    the only thing that was confusing about this problem was the units. I used the exact equation but my units did not work out. I got an answer in m/atom then some one told me that the atom is ignored for some reason.
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