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Homework Help: Wavelenth and Velocoty

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    i'm trying to solve this problem for a prelab question of mine, i think the problem that i've been noticing is that i can't find the right formula which involves all the variables listed... anyway heres the question.

    A longitudinal wave with a frequency of 6 Hz takes 1.0 s to travel the length of a 2.5-m Slinky (see Figure). Determine the wavelength of the wave in meters.

    thanks for your help
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    I think just use dimensional analysis.

    The wave travels 2.5 m in 1.0 s so its velocity is 2.5 m/s. Divide this by 6 Hz (s^-1) and get 0.4167 m.

    Formula might be [itex]\lambda \nu = v [/itex] .
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    Do you know the relationship between frequency and wavelength?

    hint: -----> http://hubblesite.org/reference_desk/faq/answer.php.id=72&cat=light

    it may not be clear but their equation actually reads: [tex] \lambda\nu = v [/tex] the [tex] \nu [/tex] is the greek letter nu.

    Once you know the relationship, you have all the elements to find the wavelength..

    edit: looks like QM already posted a solution. I was trying to help you figure it out yourself.
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