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Wavelet coefficient based QRS complex classifier

  1. Apr 15, 2015 #1
    Dear all,

    I am new to Wavelet field and I wanted to ask you for a help for an idea.
    I am supposed to create QRS complex (certain part of ECG signal wave) wave morphology classifier based on Wavelets in other words, I am supposed to create classifier which will separate waves with similar wave shape to categories, like bins in statistics, but based on signal wavelet coefficients.
    I tried MATLAB mdwtdec and used wavelet coefficients on certain level as an input for classifier which calculates distance from each QRS and according to threshold separates to classes.
    This approach is rather naive and I guess in order to improve it, I need some other idea or hint.

    Thank you very much
    With sincerely,
    Ivo Hora
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