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Waves and matter interactions

  1. Mar 3, 2015 #1

    is there a book or something, to have an overview of the possible interactions between waves and matter?

    for example ultrasound can ignite flammable liquids

    for example lasers can ionize materials

    what are the possible material transformations that can take place? ionization, excitation of electrons, catalysis of reactions, formation of chemical bonds, electrolysis or generally lysis/breaking of bonds, etc

    what are the various waves? sound, light, magnetic, etc

    what are the various effects of each of these waves to produce each of the matter transformations?


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    There probably is not a single book that covers all the subjects you have touched on, at least not to any great extent.

    You might try Wikipedia for starters.
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    you want my opinion?
    it can be few paragraphs
    I don't need neither proofs, neither maths, neither all the data
    I just need a chart with clouds connected
    eg. ultrasound can ionize? infrared can break bonds?
    then I suppose I can dig more deeply if I find something useful
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