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Waves and resonances

  1. Oct 25, 2013 #1
    Determine the values of p & c
    Use the equation logλ = p x log T + log c
    Where log T is on the x axis and logλis on the y axis.
    T is tension C is a constant and I have to find p which will be the slope of the graph plotted.
    λ was 50Hz

    I think that log 10 of 50 is 1.69897. T is the mass x 9.81 N kg-1
    T ranges from 0.4905 to 2.4525.
    How do I determine C?

    It is probably very simple for most of you but for me it is a complete mystery. The longer I struggle the more circles I complete.
    Thank you for any help or advice you can offer.
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  3. Oct 25, 2013 #2
    you can rearrange your equation as


    so that will give you

    now compare it with the equation


    check for constants.

    Note:I am using "f" as frequency. In your problem you have taken it as λ
    in my solution i have taken λ as wavelength.
  4. Oct 25, 2013 #3
    Thank you, I shall try that and report back.
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