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Waves and sounds question help

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    Hi, im having alot of trouble with 2 questions for my physics class.Waves and sound are my weakest points and always struggle to complete a full question the first one is:

    1)Visible light passes through a diffraction grating that has 900 slits per centimeter, and the interference pattern is observed on a screen that is 2.74m from the grating.
    In the first-order spectrum, maxima for two different wavelengths are separated on the screen by 3.22 . What is the difference between these wavelengths?

    2)The frequency of the note Fsub4 is fsub F/.
    At what air temperature will the frequency be ?

    All help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    What are your thoughts on this? Look at some of the equations you have regarding this question, think about the equations and decide if it can help you answer the question.

    We can't help you directly if you don't put forward any visible effort.
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