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Homework Help: Waves (fairly simple)

  1. Apr 2, 2008 #1
    1. choose one of the options to answer the following and please explain, thank you

    Suppose a child's natural frequency of swinging is once each 4 seconds.
    For maximum amplitude the man should push at a rate of once each

    2 seconds 4 seconds 8 seconds

    If the man in previous question pushes in the same direction twice as often, his pushes

    will be effective will not be effective


    the swing will be pushed twice as often in the right direction
    every other push will oppose the motion of the swing

    Based on this swing example, a 440 hz-tuning fork could NOT be forced into vibration by a sound of

    220 hz 440 hz 880 hz

    2. none

    3. not yet
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