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Waves in a pool of water having a rubber sheet ground

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    Hi All

    Suppose we have a rectangular pool filled with water. But the concrete ground of this pool is substituted by a rubber sheet, resistent obviously to the weight of the water inside the pool. Now consider we produce a plane wave travelling along the greatest dimension of this rectangular pool. Suppose for simplicity that there is only one peak. My question is:

    At the vicinity of the peak, the height of the water column if higher than in other regions of the pool. Therefore are we to expect that another wave is propagating along the rubber sheet just bellow the regions of peak in the wave of water ?

    Thank you all

    Best Regards

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    Let me explain my concern in this system.
    The feedback mechanism between the mode to the ground and from the graound to the velocities of the waves has led me to consider that in this system we could obtain some sort of mode of propagation which affects itself through the rubber sheet in such a way that it restricts itself to a limited region of space.

    Hoping to have clearified the reason of posing this question,

    Best Regards,

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