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Homework Help: Waves in a wire under tension

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    1- A wire 10.0 m long and having a mass of 100 g is stretched under a tension of 250 N. If two disturbances separeted in time by 0.030 s are generated one at each of the wire where will the distrubances meet?

    2- Consider the forced oscillations. At t=0, the driving force
    F(t)=F(0)[1.exp(-at)] is turned on. Find the displacement at any time. Assume that at t=0, the displacement is zero and initial velocitiy is V0
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    You need to make an attempt at the probem. Tell us what you tried to do.
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    Qustions are asked. What do you means?
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    We wont do your homework for you, we will only help you.
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    why? where do u cany understans?
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    where do YOU cant understan?
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