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Waves in water storage tank

  1. Apr 14, 2009 #1
    I need to find a solution to the following problem:

    A 45000 bbls water storage tank has a 24" water inlet, the water that enters the tank is causing a lot of waves. These waves are causing damage to an oil skimmer float located in the surface of the water.

    Our client wants to find a method to avoid these waves, any ideas?
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    Welcome to PF, Wfjer.
    Does the inlet lie below or above the waterline? In other words, is the water splashing in from a height or causing subsurface turbulence?
    I'm thinking along the line of a baffle system if the latter, or a flow-director if the former.
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    Do the waves have any standing wave characteristics, meaning any relation to the diameter of the tank? The standing waves could be any combination of radial and azimuthal.
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    The tank has an horizontal 24" inlet at 4' from ground and the flow is 200000 BWPD.

    @Bob S
    I really not sure of the waves characteristics, but they are big enough to damage internal devices inside the tank.
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    By your description, the inlet will set up some serious rotational flow in the tank. Can you modify the inlet pipe to the tank to have it take a 90° turn and direct at the bottom of the tank? It seems like you would also want to flare it out as much as possible to get the velocity down.
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