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Homework Help: Waves. interference problem

  1. Feb 5, 2006 #1
    does this make any sense to anybody?

    q: A radiotelescope is postioned on a cliff overlooking the sea. A source of radiowaves, wavelength 3m rises above the horizon. At what angles will the source be above the sea when the intensity received by the radiotelescope has its first minimum and maximum?

    no one even understands what this means.. looks like he missed out on something.. anyways we sent out teacher an e-mail and this is his respons:

    "nothing to help-Take it as the angle of the source above the horizon. However, you can
    consider the line between the telescope and the horizon to be horizontal -
    ie somthing on the horizon is at zero degrees."

    does this mean anything to anybody, if so.. can someone maybe explain this in more ordinary terms??
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