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Homework Help: Waves Investigation [Using water]

  1. Jan 28, 2004 #1

    in my physics class right now we've been told we're going to be to doing an experiment where we put a variable amount of water into a tray, hold one side up, and drop it from a variable height, thus, when it hits the table, the water will move and waves will ocsillate back and fourth. We've been told to time from when the wave is first seen to when it disspates. Also we're recording how many times this wave has gone competely back and fourth.

    so i've chosen to vary the amount of water [depth], so will record the depth, time, and number of ocsilations, and keep the height it's dropped from constant. I'm currently writing my plan and am on the part about relevent theory. Thing is, i'm not sure s of yet what my results will show, and what relevence these pieces of data have to each other. Only equations which come to mind is

    speed of wave=wavelength x freq.
    and s=ut

    but am unsure of what use this is to my experiment, as i will be drawing graphs and stuff so i guess proportion will come into it

    any ideas?
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    until you do the experiment, you can't be sure

    you have to define a hypothosis. you might be right or wrong, that is what the experiment will show.
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