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Homework Help: Waves with slinky~!

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    waves and sound

    I have some questions about transverse and longitudinal waves...
    In transverse wave, how does the amplitude of the waves affect its speed? we did a lab with a slinky but it was hard to see if it went faster or slower...
    Also, how does the tension of the spring change its speed? I think i noticed the pulse going faster when the slinky was tenser but... why does it do that?
    And in longitudinal waves... when you move your hand back and forth quickly at a uniform frequency with the slinky, what happens to the motion of each coils?
    Lastly, how many complete vibration of your hand do u think is need to produce one compression and one rarefaction? I just don't quite understand what it means by hand vibrations...;;
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    This would likely be one back and forth of your hand, as you send one pulse (either transverse or longitudinal) down the slinky.
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