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Waves ?

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    I remember my teacher saying that the medium that light travels through is the EM field ,
    is this correct , if so then what is the medium that the electron , or neutrino or gluon travels through . Or what is the medium that a gravitational wave travels through .
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    Light is is a propagating electromagnetic field. It does not require a medium to go through. Your other examples do not require a medium to travel either.
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    ok thats what i was thinking , i thought it was weird how my teacher said it .
    On the gravitational wave , the field is not the medium ,
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    You can think of the field as the medium. It's just slightly more broad meaning of "field" then simply electric field or magnetic field. You can think of electric and magnetic fields as components of displacement in a more generalized electromagnetic field, in which case, the later does act as a medium.
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    are all photons created from an EM field .
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