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Wax that doesn't stick to hair

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    I'm looking to improve on a surfboard wax recipe. My goal is to still provide the same stickiness needed to stay on a board yet not stick to hair.

    The current formula I use is very simple.

    3 parts beeswax
    1 part coconut oil

    Obviously the beeswax mixture sticks to everything. I not sure even if there was something that I could add to prevent hair from sticking it would matter as the skin around the hair would still stick possibly ripping the hair out anyway.

    More info then you probably need but I'm tired of having my hair ripped off my chest.

    Any ideas other then me shaving, wearing a wetsuit, or telling me to get a lobotomy would greatly be appreciated.


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    It's not nice to make fun of me!:mad:
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    I'm not sure if this makes sense or not, but would or could incorporation of a resin help you create a non-slip or less-slip formula? There are also such substances as polyethylene waxes; maybe one of those might(but not sure) give you some non-slip effect. Also, I wonder, why does your recipe (formula) include coconut oil?
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    Surfboard wax is designed to provide friction (or sticktion) for the user so you don't slip off. Since you skin and hair are composed of the same general class of protein (keratin), that which provides friction to the soles of your feet and torso must also provide friction to your body hair. You are probably going to be limited to using non-skid pads (ouch!) and eliminate the use of wax altogether.

    Or.... http://shop.versatraction.com/main.sc;jsessionid=4F20D8C67CA714873054281749FF2329.qscstrfrnt03" [Broken].
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    Sorry for the slow response.

    The coconut oil is used to increase the usability of the wax. Without the oil the wax doesn't apply to the board very easily.

    I thought (and I could definitely be wrong here) that the protein that makes up hair and skin are different. If that's not the case then it's game over for me.

    The link to the Waxless Surfboard System sounds interesting. Funny thing is they are only a couple of miles from my house.
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    You are probably thinking of skin being collagen rather than keratin. But it is certainly keratin along with some other proteins as well.

    From Wiki,

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