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News Way to solve American crisis

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    was proposed on one of Polish forums I visit now and again.

    Sell Alaska back to Russia for 10 trillion dollars.

    Not only it will pay US debt, but it will also mean that someone else has to deal with Palin.
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    It would probably be better to sell Louisiana back to France and let them rebuild New Orleans.
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    Sell off each state, one at a time.
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    Give Wall Street back to the Edwards family: http://www.glamro.gov.uk/adobe/edwards.pdf [Broken]!
    Its not worth anything now in any case....

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    Alaska turned out to be one of our most strategic acquisitions into the Union both militarily and financially . Sell it to Russia? Not smart.

    Besides, the fact that we have a defecit isn't the problem, it is HOW we got the defecit We would end up selling the whole damn country if we don't fix how we got the defecit in the first place.
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    Oh, I'm all for it - even though I have a lot of family there (they're all a bit strange, anyway)!! Nice, out-of-the-box thinking...
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    We could also have the U.S. Mint print a ten-trillion-dollar bill and use that. I bet it would be worth more than ten trillion dollars, 'cause there would only be one of them in the world. Rarity, supply and demand and all, don'cha know. It could have Bush's picture on it.

    Hey buddy, got change for a ten trillion?
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    http://cgi.ebay.ph/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=230287873772 [Broken]

    Too expensive for my tastes.
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    Heh heh, yeah, good find. I should send him an email an ask, can you send me a really, really high-resolution scan of that?
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