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Ways to blow a Candle!

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    My teacher wants the class of thinking of ways to blow a candle out after it is lit using a number of items (max.20) to accmplish the task. Help please?
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    few ways to blow the candle out:

    1. electric fan
    2. firecracker (any type of explosive)
    3. put something over the flame such as a cloth or a can

    I think the firecracker would get the most applause :smile:

    How much interaction are you allowed to have with the system? Are you just supposed to be able to flip a switch?
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    Chi Meson

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    Is it supposed to be "blown" out, or can it be extinguished in any manner, e.g. snuff it with your fingertips, plunge it into water, etc.

    Hold it out of the car window. Drop it from a building. Let it melt the skin of a balloon. (Cheaper than the firecracker and much more legal in schools).
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    It's not blowing the candle out, but a really neat way to extinguish them is to put water in the molten wax at the base of the wick.
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    You could use the fire extinguisher. That would put it out
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    If you want to make one of those long things, just fill a balloon with water, and hang it above the candle. Then stick a sharp needle on one end of a lever, and a cup on the other end. Then attach a tube that, when you drop a marble in from the top end, it will roll down and fall into the cup. The force of the marble pushing down on the one side will force the other end of the lever up, making the needle pierce the balloon, and spill the water onto the candle.
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