Ways to make a computer faster (windows)

  1. I've tried defragmenting my drives and stuff like that, but my computer doesn't seem to get much faster. Any other tips?
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  3. You can do the standard AdAware and Spybot stuff, which can remove programs that are slowing down your comp, but in the end your machine has its limits.

    What are the specs of your computer?
  4. In cases like these , I generally buy a new one.

  5. Turn off background programs (quickstarts etc.), turn off AV and just do scheduled scans, set limits on virtual memory 2.5x system RAM and defrag again to place the memory block in one location, reduce size of desktop image (use a standard windows image, a repeated small image, or better still none.)

    If you are not at your system limit, more RAM, or a faster CPU, can often speed up an aging computer for a while.
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    Doing some registry cleaning from time to time doesn't (typically :biggrin: ) hurt.
  7. Yes, but be carefull when doing that. That can reall f..., uh I mean mess up your computer.
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    Ever heard of "Salty's Law"? Goes something like:

    No matter what computer you have and what you do to make it faster, or even if you buy a much faster one, within a period of about 2 weeks, you'll quickly ramp-up the load on it so that in practical terms, it's going about the same speed it was going before you make the changes. :smile:

    Let me qualify this before I get jumped on: You run more CPU intensive apps, and thus are still starring at the monitor the same amount of time waiting for it to finish is what I mean.
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  9. I find this the most useful advice !!!!!
  10. If your system keeps giving virtual memory problems then upgrade the size of your RAM modules as opposed to increasing virtual memory. I had the problem and when I upgraded my RAM my computer seems faster all of a sudden. The way I see it, is that you should always have 200mb of free RAM space when running 3 or 4 apps.

    I am dying to know if Salty's Law would apply to multicore processors.
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    Very true ... 2nd : d .... and extremely annoying :biggrin: .... the only way over this is to carry some server - class hardware running (*)*nix as a 'laptop' (does depend quite a bit on what you do with your machine but have this problem consistently).
  12. Back your files up and format...?
  13. Disable themes. Add more memory.
  14. but my disk C: cannot format ??
    why lik tis ??
    n the disk D: is too many important things
    if i format
    i have to speend my whole life to redo all the things tat i delete!
    my MSN cannot work at all ?
    i guess somebodyelse haiz into my computer n
    untill my computer's program all broken !!
    do anyone noe how to solve
    pls teaches me !
    thak you !
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