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Ways to make oneself smarter

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    I don't know much about brain chemistry, but I gather that oxygen flow has something to do with thought waves, and the clarity and exuberance of thought that sometimes comes after intensive exercise would seem to substantiate this idea. Also, high brow reading is itself giving the mind an exercise in complex formal relations, which would expand various neural networks over time. Thirdly, socialization/ argumentation with those who are smarter than you can only help. Anyone care to refute or add to these ideas?
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    Do you care to support your ideas with evidence/data?
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    That would take a lot of time and research. I would much prefer to just see the comments of someone who knows more than I do.
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    The final idea would not be guaranteed. You will not necessarily gain intelligence solely by being around intelligence. Unless there is a willingness to achieve a great level of understanding then by just being around or even discussing academic material with "brains" would not guarantee that one would become wiser.
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    Oxygen just feeds the cells. The brain waves are relative to the activity of the work being done.

    Deeper intuitive thought is a very individual subjective to experiences and beliefs. If exercise brings a mental peace, I suggest keep doing it
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    How about some weed? Hmm?
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    being bilingual or multilingual is supposed to help retain a few nuts and screws... http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2004/06/040614075336.htm
    I've also heard that learning to unicycle is good for your brain, increases attention spans etc. don't know if there's any real data to back that up though.
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    Are you saying that force of willpower and personality can have a bio- physical effect on the brain?
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    The empty space of the cerebrum shall lay mysterious.
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