Ways to tell someone you love them

  1. When you are deeply in love with someone but struggle to find the right words it usually expressible in your field of interest. For example;

    If you sum up all my actions of love towards you will release that they will almost surely be what you expected from love.

    My feelings for you are so deep that even Kolmogorov could not formalize them.

    OK, maybe the examples are bad but I would like to hear some love statements from your chosen field, that if the intended person understood would think you were Lord Byron of the 21st century.
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  3. Seeing as I am not yet a biologist (or whatever the hell I end up doing...) I'd use, "I love you". Possibly in a foreign language, for fun.
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  5. Meh, from photography (a hobby of mine) you could make up something comparing eyes to lenses...Corny as hell, I know.
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    Old one but good. :smile:

  8. Memorized all the lyrics of this :biggrin:
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    I've never seen that before Kurdt, but it's quite funny. Though... there aren't many girls who would understand it: my gf would just stare at me blankly if I showed her that!
  10. Cornea as hell
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    More here: http://www.haverford.edu/physics-astro/songs/hyperbolic.htm

  13. Poetry is such a wonderful way of expressing yourself. Women and men alike are quite flattered to receive such a personal gift made just for them. Here is one I gave to my love. I think he almost cried when I gave it to him. But actions supporting your poetry is the key to making someone feel loved. Good luck.

    Daydreaming at night
    aroused, enraptured with delight
    the sweet, warm of your breath
    distracted by thoughts it left
    your body intensely close to mine
    pushing against me harder each time
    stripping me bare with longing eyes
    Of course my love, my master; Your prize!
    submit to every movement suggested
    blood flushed cheeks and heavy chested
    locks of hair round your fingers tightening
    exposed, unyielding, yours for the liking
    quelled in your waters, floating in the swell
    in your ocean's waves, ringing bells
    a stellar man, beautiful, strong and tall as the sky
    skin tastes like honey, my lovely, I shall obied
    kisses so soft yet so strong your hands
    overpowering me with your silent commands
    whatever you wish, my life, momentarily in your control
    trust you unconditionally, my love for you whole.
    eternity we have together with each breath
    lifetimes, friendships, all put to the test.
    every instance, I win; whatever is to come
    I find I'm perfectly content, in your affection.
  14. An Engineer's Valentine
    by Matthew Dalton

    I was alone and all was dark
    Beneath me and above
    My life was full of volts and amps
    But not the spark of love

    But now that you are here with me
    My heart is overjoyed
    You've turned the square of my heart
    Into a sinusoid

    You load things from my memory
    Onto my system bus
    My life was once assembly code
    It's now like C++

    I love the way you solder things
    My circuits you can fix
    The voltage 'cross your diode is
    much more than just point six

    With your op-amps and resistors
    You have built my integrator
    I cannot survive without you
    You're my function generator

    You've changed my world, increased my gain
    And made my math discreet
    So now I'll end my poem here
    Control, Alt, and Delete
  15. I'll try poetry. Let's see. There was a young man from Nantucket ...
  16. Very attractive poem Jimmy!
  17. Get her an expensive shiny rock.
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    Categorically excellent!
  19. My favorite bit is when he says "by corollary this shows you and I to be purely inseparable, QED"
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