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We can analize are feelings

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    We can analize are feelings to the end and still never know what they are ment. feelings are somthing bigger than our thoughts they are our actions. Our actions based on how we felt at that given time based on other occuring actions of our daily life. We are who we are based on us and our enviorment in a reoccuring cycle. Sometimes it's a good cycle and somtimes it's a bad cycle. Our thoughts are different in each one of us. But theres always a reason for us to think. Thinking can be used as a helpful gide or could be used against us if we are angry or have problems to be worked out. Bad emotions always come back to us in the end, so it's best not to hide from them. I feel there's no real good definition for emotions but if you take all of what i've writtin above and swished it around backwards and forwards and all around you would understand emotions. I feel it is that complicated
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    Re: emotions

    Emotions are complicated. Emotions are individual expressions of ones own consciousness. That is why one laughs and another cries when one dies. There is a clasification of types of emotions and 6 billion consious minds all of which express a reaction to a stimulous. The end result is a complicated cycle of movement of emotions that evolve society in time.
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