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We could start a radio station

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    I don't listen to very much music, but I just couldn't pass this up. I just got an oldies rock station's music library. 60Gigs of Mp3s. EVERYTHING from 1959 to 2000.I don't get it until Christmas, but I've seen it and it took 15 minutes to scan the artist list
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    Where'd you get your paws on that?
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    my dad got it from a guy in a class he was taking. I guess by the time the classes were over everyone in the class plus most professors had brought in a an external harddrive and gotten a copy. It has every song I could imagine plus it is cataloged so nicely. That's my biggest problem I can't ever get things in order.
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    and the cool thing is I already owned every album ever made, so there are no laws being broken
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    what about a radio station with physics lectures and science/math talkshows?
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    oh yeah, Or how about a bottomless pit we could throw our money into with no hope of ever making a profit. how about a radio station that plays static, but in reverse. ohh how about a station just out of reach on the dial KPFR FM109.7 AM 190
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    There are plenty of net based radio shows that don't make money. I'm not quite sure how much it costs to run one though.

    I don't know if many people would listen to PF Radio but it would definitely be good for when Dr. Kaku does his interviews here. Greg would just have to make sure that Kaku has the proper equipment for his computer.

    Hmmmm... maybe he could broadcast lectures of interest.

    If PF radio were to broadcast music it would have to be something specialized enough that people couldn't listen to the same thing elsewhere. The one net radio station I've ever listened to plays mostly subcultural music that you rarely if ever hear on the radio and it still doesn't get much of an audience.
    Science themed music probably wouldn't bring that much of an audience. It would make good bumper music for talk segments though.
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