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We do everything for appetite

  1. Sep 27, 2004 #1
    If there's no appetite, we would stop doing everything and be a tree.
    It makes pains too. We can't stop it, because we are human.

    no appetite no life.
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    "Desire" moves us to create the expected future.

    if it wasn't for a desire to be human, we just might be a tree.

    olde drunk
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    Some philosophies see our appetite as root of all that is wrong, and to remove yourself from "clinging desire" is a major step for an individual seeking a higher level of enlightenment, as it would allow one to make decisions based not on desire but on intellect guided by wisdom.

    I would half agree with such philosophies but remain aware of the powerful motivation that a desire can be, for good or evil.
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    We do everything out of order.
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    I understand this point from the eastern philosophies. Unfortunately. I can not accept that we must rise above being human. Did christ or Ghandi or any other wise man curse his body or being physical.

    I rather believe that we must learn to harness our desire to be creative. at the same time being aware of not going overboard with selfish pleasures. being selfish and having fun isn't wrong; just don't short change others.

    olde drunk
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    I agree - being good humans should not require rejecting that which makes us human. It seems like an oxymoron (caveat: Ghandi went on hunger strikes...).

    Maslow's heirarchy of needs says that you simply won't "rise above" your physical needs until they are satisfied. Then you can concentrate on more "enlightened" activities. http://changingminds.org/explanations/needs/maslow.htm
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