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We may not in the center of the many present times

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    We may not be in the center of the many "present times"

    Our present time is probably not in the

    centre of the many "present times" in the


    According to the equations in Section 6.8 of the antigravitation engine site (URL: http://xczhx.nease.net/indexEnglish.htm [Broken]), there exists the following equation:

    t ¡Ý ¡À j / ( 8 Pi * Delta E ) .

    The distribution of the values of t probably forms a normal distribution curve. There is much probability that the present time of an object is in the middle of the curve, but there also exists the probability that the "present time" of the object deviates a little from the middle of the curve.

    Since such deviations accumulate on the many "step roads" in the universe, there should be more non-present-time matter in the faraway space than in the nearby space. Hence the "present time" is relative. Our "present time" is probably not in the centre of the many "present times" in the universe, just as our location is probably not in the centre of space in the universe. Hence to a faraway observer, we might be the dark matter.

    When the Delta t of one object overlaps the Delta t of another object, the two objects can interact with each other; or in other words, an object has a certain degree of ability to know the future and the past.

    When an object is in an antigravitational field and changes into the foggoid, its Delta t is changed, and hence it has more probability that its "present time" deviates from our present time. When the object changes back into a normal object, its "present time" may either change back or not change back.

    If the present time of an object becomes far away from the present time of the wall of a container, the object can go through the wall of the container without interacting with the wall of the container.
    http://xczhx.nease.net/indexEnglish.htm [Broken]
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