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We need help with Absolute Value

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    Okay, we don't understand this and we need much help

    the largest pyramid included in the first wonder of the world is Khufu. IT stands 450 feet tall and its base is 755 feet long. Imagine that a coordinate plane is placed over side of the pyramid. In the coordinate plane, each unit represent one foot and the origin is at the center of the pyramid base. Write an abolute value function for the outline of the pyramid

    please help:confused:
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    no one answered the other one.:bugeye:
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    Do you know what "absolute value function" means?
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    hey...help me on this problem of simultanous linear equation;

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    Multiply your first equation by 2 and subtract the formulas from each other.
    And someone move this to a new thread :)
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    How about one question per thread?

    For the solution: try multiplying the top one by 2 and subtracting them.
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