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Homework Help: Weak acids and bases buffers

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    I'm a little confused, lets say i do a titration curve for a weak acid, at some point theres a buffering range near the pKa. Like i know that if we add a strong base like NaOH to acetic acid in a water solvent, then the OH- will combine with the H+ (hydronium ion) which will shift the equilibrium towards the acetate ion and hydronium ion. But will a different process occur when we add the OH- in the buffering region? Like in my book, it says that it will react with the acetic acid which will form the acetate ion...but i just dont see why this occurs differently then when the OH- reacted with the hydronium ion....
    any help/clearing up would be much appreciated

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    It is not much different - in both cases it is like H+ reacting with OH-. However, in the solution of acetic acid there is - like - a lot of undissociated acetic acid, usually much more than H+. Hence we say OH- reacts with acetic acid, not H+.

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    Like, are you like annoyed by like the way i'm like writing my message? Like, if you like dont like it, like i suggest like you like find something else to like you know worry about besides like the way i write.

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