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Weak decay - cross sections

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    Weak decay -- cross sections

    I have to estimate the ratio between the cross sections of the following weak processes:

    [tex]\nu_{\mu} + e^{-} \Rightarrow \nu_{e} + \mu^{-}[/tex]
    [tex]\bar{\nu_{e}} + e^{-} \Rightarrow \bar{\nu_{\mu}} + \mu^{-}[/tex]

    My teacher says that as the first process is [tex]LL \Rightarrow LL[/tex] (i.e. chirality of the initial and final states) and the second process is [tex]LR \Rightarrow LR[/tex], when can immediately conclude that, the ratio between the cross sections is 3:1 (provided that the incoming neutrinos energies are the same).

    I cannot understand why he jumps to that conclusion.

    Thank you in advance for any reply!
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