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Weak field tensor

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    After actually struggling to find anything relevant in books/google/this forum I'd really appreciate if someone could enlighten me:
    [tex] W^{\mu\nu} [/tex]
    What is meant by this exactly?
    Can I write this down in matrix form like the EM tensor?


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    Hi Ben! :smile:

    If it's what I think, it's not [tex] W^{\mu\nu} [/tex] but [tex] W^{a\mu} [/tex]

    The µ part is four-, and the a part is 3- (like the 3 Pauli spin matrices).

    In µ, it behaves like an ordinary 4-vector, in ordinary space-time.

    But in a, it behaves like the spin of an electron (a spinor), but in an imaginary "isospin space", not in ordinary space. :smile:

    (Aitchison and Hey's book is a good place to look it up.)

    So, no, it's not like the EM tensor. :cry:
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    Unless it refers to the field strength tensor of the weak interaction.
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