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Weak form of Navier-Stokes and heat transfer coupling(COMSOL)

  1. Apr 26, 2016 #1
    I am asked to simulate a 2-D coupled problem in COMSOL(Navier stokes with Heat transfer) of a simple room.

    I'm not sure if COMSOL already has preexisting physics for navier stokes and heat tranfer that I could use directly but I am provided with two differential equations and boundary conditions.

    So what I did was to try to solve for the weak formulation and to add two partial differential equations into COMSOL. However, I am stuck in the equations converting into the weak form and I hope you could help me.


    Navier Stokes (Incompressible)

    [tex]-v\Delta u+\triangledown p=0 \! in\! \Omega[/tex]

    [tex]\triangledown \cdot u=0 in \Omega[/tex]

    Boundary conditions:

    [tex]u=u_d on \Gamma_{1,w}[/tex]

    [tex]u=0 on \Gamma[/tex]

    [tex]u\cdot n=0[/tex] and [tex]t\cdot (-pI+v(\triangledown u + \triangledown^T))n = 0 on \Gamma_f[/tex]

    [tex]pn-n\cdot v\triangledown u = 0 on \Gamma_{2,w}[/tex]

    What I tried:

    Multiply both sides by test function w,

    [tex]\int_\Omega-v\Delta u w+ \int_\Omega\triangledown p w=0[/tex]

    Using green's theorem,

    [tex]\int_\Omega\Delta w\cdot\Delta u-\int_{\delta \Omega} vw(\triangledown u \cdot n)+ \int_\Omega\triangledown p w=0[/tex]

    So I have two questions after this step:

    1. Splitting the [tex]\int_{\delta \Omega} vw(\triangledown u \cdot n)[/tex] term and simplifying with B.C. (Not sure if I'm doing it right)

    [tex]\int_{\delta \Omega} vw(\triangledown u \cdot n) = \int_{\Gamma_{2,w}}wpn[/tex]

    2. What do I do with the [tex]\int_\Omega\triangledown p w[/tex] term?

    Next Heat Equation:

    [tex]-\triangledown \cdot (k \triangledown \theta) + \rho C u \cdot \triangledown \theta = 0 \Omega[/tex]

    Boundary conditions:

    [tex]\theta = \theta_f on \Gamma_f[/tex]

    [tex]n\cdot (k\triangledown \theta)=0 on \Gamma[/tex]

    [tex]\theta = \theta_0 on \Gamma_w[/tex]

    I have one question for this part

    I have solved the heat equation without the term [tex]\rho C u \cdot \triangledown \theta[/tex]

    but with the term [tex]\rho C u \cdot \triangledown \theta[/tex] I am not sure what to do with it due to it having u in it.

    How do I multiply by test function [tex]w[/tex] and use the green's identity in this case?

    Thanks for reading
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