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Weak interactive force

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    What exactly does the weak interactive force act on?
    Does it act on Mesons and Bosons?
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    It acts on leptons (electron, muon, tau, and neutrinos) and quarks, and therefore on all particles built out of quarks (hadrons, which includes baryons and mesons). And the W and Z bosons which themselves mediate the weak interaction.

    To put it another way, everything except photons, gluons and (if they exist) gravitons.
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    It couples to photons and gravity as well. So everything except gluons.
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    One should also point out that the charged weak current interaction (W-boson) just couples to particles in the left-handed chirality eigenstate whereas the neutral weak current interaction (Z-boson) couples to both chirality eigenstates but in general with different strength, depending on the particle.
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